A North American creature, the Mothman is a nocturnal creature considered a harbinger of doom and misfortune.

Category: Nocturnal


First reported on in 1966, Mothman is a creature shrouded in mystery. Sightings of the creature are often a sign of bad things to come, as its’ appearance has been tied to a number of disasters, including the collapse of the Silver bridge, and a bombing of an apartment building in Russia. The creature itself is not believed to have directly caused the events; Mothman’s appearance can be considered an omen of things to come.

Traits and Behavior

Mothman is a humanoid creature with a wingspan ranging from 7-10 feet wide. Its’ body is all black, covered in feathers and has glowing red eyes. Some reports indicate it has talons on its hind legs, and it is unclear if Mothman has arms as well as wings. It has been reported as flying up to 100 m.p.h., though it is clumsy when on the ground.

Mothman is purely nocturnal, and is believed to live in abandoned munitions buildings or similarly remote locations in West Virginia, where it was first seen. IT will flee if approached and has not demonstrated any aggressive behavior against humans. There are reports of Mothman taking pets or other small animals, but it is unclear if the animals are for food or another purpose. Due to its’ shy behavior, Mothman’s exact diet and habitat is unknown. The sightings reported do not vary in size, but the wide range of locations indicates there may be many mothmen. If so, their social structure is also unknown.

Mothman being sighted is often an indicator that there will be a disaster in the area, though the severity can range from the above mentioned bridge collapse to a small car accident. It is unclear what draws Mothman to an area.


Mothman is a shy creature and flees when approached, especially by cars or other vehicles. It may be the noise that scares it away, as Mothman has been reported as following bright lights, such as headlights, from a distance. It is not reported to have been aggressive, so the best defense appears to be making a large amount of noise, and possibly turning off any lights in the area to drive it away.

The omen that Mothman represents does not change if it is chased away; once seen, it can safely be assumed there will be a disaster in the area shortly.


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