Weather Fae

Weather fae are a branch of fae directly associated with either a weather phenomenon, or in some cases a specific event such as a volcanic eruption or hurricane. They are born on Earth, but will usually reside in the Faerie Realm.

Category: Fae


Weather fae have been directly blamed for causing large storms or natural disasters in the past. Some of the most famous being the destruction of Pompeii and the historic flood. They are often associated with weather gods in the area, though they are not actually deities. Since the fae in question rarely stay in the area afterwards, there usually aren’t similar events in the area for a time, so a region should be safe from supernatural weather after the initial event.

Traits and Behavior

Weather fae are born from the storm, and do not actually cause the event in question. When a natural storm, or catastrophic event such as an eruption or earthquake, begins to build up, there is a gathering of energy that under the correct circumstances will create an infant fae. They will absorb the energy when the storm/event reaches its most volatile point; at this point they are newly born, and the storm will dissipate. This process does not always happen, as the storm itself may not build enough energy, but if there is a weather fae born, the area will not have any severe storms of that nature for several years. The infant in question will have magical abilities directly tied to the event in question, and will take on physical traits to match over time.

During infancy, they will take on the physical appearance of the first people to find them, as they are helpless and will need to be raised by others. Often other fae will gather around building storms to find the infant, but humans have been known to find the child first. If raised by humans, their magical abilities will not manifest until puberty or later; weather fae raised by any magical creatures or individuals will display abilities sooner. Some weather fae have been raised by animals or other supernatural creatures, and will grow to resemble those species as well, though they will have sapient-level intelligence as they age.

Until puberty, they will appear to physically resemble their parents or guardians, and any magical abilities that appear will be subtle. At puberty, a number of changes will accompany the standard changes for their species. Their skin, hair/fur, and any other physical traits will grow to resemble the event that birthed them. For example, a weather fae born from a storm will usually develop dark skin or fur, and often have streaks of electricity crossing their body. A volcanic fae may appear to have cracking magma across their body, or hair resembling smoke.

Their magical talents will also grow to resemble their origin storm. A fae born in a thunderstorm will be able to cause storms and rain, for example. How strong their abilities are will depend entirely on how strong the storm that birthed them was. The more cataclysmic the event, the stronger the abilities. Due to their strange traits and the timing of their development, some weather fae are mistaken for changelings, though no trade has been done for them. Sometimes fae will steal the weather fae children and leave a changeling in their place, but

After the weather fae has moved through puberty entirely, which can vary in speed depending on the species that raised them, they will feel the desire to move away from the area they were born in if they have not already. This is because they effectively drained the area of the magical energy they use, and will seek that energy out to develop to adulthood. They will either encourage their family to move away, or may venture out themselves, as they will not develop to adulthood without additional energy reserves. Weather fae unable to leave an area will not age until they are able to gather the needed energy.

Weather fae will feel if another fae of their type are about to be born, and will often travel to adopt the infant themselves. Other fae may do so as well, as many species of fae struggle to have children. Weather fae are capable of having their own children, but the children will not be weather fae themselves. They more often resemble the other parent, or the species that the weather fae was raised by.

Weather fae will keep the body type of the species that raised them, and will eat the same diet. Besides their abilities and the physical traits that change during puberty, they will remain a typical member of their species, and will seek out the same types of homes, food, and resources.

By adulthood, weather fae have absorbed all the energy they need, and don’t have to stay in the human realm. Many choose to go to the faerie realms for convenience (magma skin tends to be noticeable, and not desirable). Those who stay usually have to create some disguise or glamour to hide their unusual features. They will age far slower than whatever species they were raised by, but they are mortal and will eventually reach old age. At their death, they will release the magic that created them into one final storm. It is not uncommon for a new weather fae to be born from this, though they will have no memories of their previous incarnation and may not resemble them besides superficially.

A weather fae that chooses to live in the faerie realm is effectively immortal, as time stands still there, but they will struggle to use their magical abilities to full strength. This is because the human realm is where the magic originated, and moving between realms dampens it. Moving back and forth between realms can keep their powers at full strength, and will slow down the aging, but it will not completely prevent it.

While the faerie realms can have similar storms, they do not gather the necessary energy to create a weather fae, so all weather fae will be born in the human realm. It is unclear why, exactly, the faerie realm magic will not form weather fae.


Weather fae are more like the species that adopts them than like each other, and should be approached with that in mind. A weather fae raised by wolves will have the teeth and claws of one, a fae raised by humans will attack the same way. Their magical abilities are all but non-existent during childhood, and weak between puberty and adulthood.

Weather fae are weak to iron, but can touch it, unlike other species. Ones raised by humans or other mortal species will have a higher tolerance to the material, but it will still cause pain over time.


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